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Art 360 Kibera is a visual art gallery located in the heart of Kibera slums, it is comprised of young independent artists born and raised in the slums. The gallery was founded in May 2019 by Faith Atieno with the aim of identifying nurturing and provide marketing and creative platform to these young artists as well as other young artists who have the same passion and enthusiasm. Our objective as Art 360 Kibera is to address socioeconomic issues that affect our society in general, we also empower and create sense of urgency in today’s social issues including geo-economics, extra judicial killings and political issues among others that are affecting us in our community..

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Activities at art360



Mural is a large piece of art usually done on a wall for the purpose of advertising or communication on a particular issue. Murals is one of the activities of Art360 Kibera, our main purpose of doing mural is to create awareness on the issues affecting our community


Children's Programs

This is where We display all finished art work for sale.


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I Started art 10 years doing ago when I was in  high school at that moment I was doing it for fun until I finished High school and at that point I started pursuing it as a career I do expression abstract and I draw my inspiration from women social life in the slums I also mentor children on all kinds of art and give them the necessary skills to create their own arts My biggest Achievement is when I got invited by European Union to do a mural In Bulgaria and Denmark


Art 360 Kibera projects have been published in different magazines and newspapers both locally and globally including the National Geographic magazine.






A Choice for Peace


Pain of the World


Viewing of Pain of the World

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Our Client Experience

Serena Patel - UC BERKELEY

Art 360 Kibera is home to a community of powerful, talented storytellers. I stumbled upon this collective when working with a neighboring facility - the Kibera Town Center. The artists were very welcoming and passionate. I saw they had many interesting pieces on sale and art services to be offered, a direct way to support.


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